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About Us

Christopher and Stephanie act as the dynamic duo to take AREA rugs to the next level. Through far-reaching travel and research, they uncover hidden gems and bring them back state-side for all to enjoy. Both were born with an entrepreneurial spirit and with Christopher’s energetic drive and Stephanie’s eye for design, they are able to create distinctive designs and to facilitate the precise customization that their clients have come to love and appreciate. Anything you can dream, these two can make happen!


At Organic Looms, we take great pride in providing you with the finest-quality, natural-fiber rugs. All our carpets are hand woven under environmentally friendly conditions. In keeping with our Green Initiative, our rugs are biodegradable, renewable, environmentally sustainable, non-allergenic, and air purifying. The history and beauty of this art is undeniable. Organic Looms is proud to be a part of the tradition.


Every Organic Looms’ rug is hand knotted on a vertical loom by the world’s finest artisans.  Each step of the process, from handling raw materials and spinning to dying and weaving, is finished by the artist’s hand.  This unique practice yields a product of unparalleled craftsmanship.

Organic Looms celebrates the rich culture, history and techniques of the artisans that weave these rugs.  Each project is approached collaboratively by directly communicating with the weavers, resulting in exceptional quality while providing fair labor practices.


Serving as a direct importer and purveyor of boutique rugs, Organic Looms provides exceptional design, quality and hand craftsmanship below standard market price points. The finest raw materials are used preserving their inherent qualities- Himalayan wool for its stain resistance and Chinese silk for its’ rich luster.  Each rug’s excellence is unmatched in material, innovative weaving techniques and high knot density.

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