The Basic Collection of Tibetan carpets features the straightforward use of contrasting stripes, a harmonious blend of fibers or the sleek finish of a solid design. Whether designing for a modern family’s weekend retreat or a hotel oasis, these classic, pure designs will play the role of best supporting actor to enhance any style interior design. Please select an icon below to view design tear sheet & product specs.We are happy to provide additional images & information upon request.

CurvedLines OLT-03 Stripes OLT-04 Plain OLT-05 LoopCut OLT-06 SummerDay OLT-07
Plain OLT-09 FrenchStripes OLT-111 BrokenLines OLT-113 Static OLT-11 AlternatingMethods OLT-12
Plain OLT-130 Tweed OLT-132 Volcano OLT-135 Plain OLT-141 DoubleBorder OLT-145
RainBlend OLT-150 TigerMix OLT-151 Stripes OLT-156 TigerMix OLT-158 LoopCut OLT-15
HandCarded OLT-161 Mimi OLT-162 LoopCut OLT-165 SingleBorder OLT-185 Plain OLT-190
LoopCut OLT-196 Echo OLT-202 RainBlend OLT-24 LoopCut OLT-27 LoopCut OLT-39
Stripes OLT-40 Stripes OLT-48 LoopCut OLT-49 HandSpun OLT-70 RainBlend OLT-78
Plain OLT-94