Maintaining Your Hand-Knotted Carpet
Follow these steps to maintain the beauty of your carpet:

1) Vacuum regularly, avoid super high suction vacuums and beater brushes especially onlooped or hooked rugs.

2) Remove spills immediately. When a spill happens, first dilute the stain with water. Then blot up what you can, starting from the edge and working your way to the center. DO NOT RUB. If the spill is solid, use a spoon to scoop up as much as possible first before blotting.

3) Have the rug cleaned professionally once every 2-5 years, or as needed depending on how much traffic the rug receives. Be careful to find a dealer who specializes in washing hand-knotted carpets.

4) When possible rotate every year or two, to ensure that it wears evenly. Barefoot is Best!

By far the best way to keep your new area rug clean is to keep it from getting dirty by removing your outdoor shoes before walking on it.


How to Find a Qualified Cleaner
We are pleased to refer Mathew Klujian and Sons Inc. to our clients. We trust the experts at Klujian Rugs with all of our cleaning needs for our high quality area rugs. Please feel free to contact our showroom for more information or contact Mathew Klujian and Sons at 773.743.1300 located at 1421 West Devon Avenue Chicago, IL 60660 & on the web at