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Christopher Frederick

Christopher Frederick
A Chicago native, Christopher Frederick has resided in the city for over 42 years. Christopher is an entrepreneur with a 25 year storied career in the design and building industry. Mr. Frederick’s dedication to the highest level of service, his keen appreciation for all things beautiful and his vision for value have provided a winning combination for each of his successful business endeavors.


While operating his landscape design and home building company, Christopher was introduced to the rug industry. He rapidly made contacts with the families and artisans who create these fine works of art. He quickly fell in love with the tradition, artistry and process of making rugs by hand, which led to the opening of Organic Looms in 2007 Christopher offers fine rugs marked by soft, plush textures, durability and design simplicity. Frederick is dedicated to complete customization tailoring each product to meet the client’s unique vision.


Christopher has a passion for travel and takes inspiration from all corners of the globe. Frederick is deliberate in providing the interior design community with a sustainable solution for quality custom hand knotted rugs. His mission and company values are aimed toward sustainability, beauty, handcrafting, value, tradition and complete customization.


Through his work with Organic Looms, Christopher celebrates the rich culture, history and techniques of the artisans. He approaches each project collaboratively by directly communicating with the rug manufacturers, which results in exceptional quality while providing fair labor practices. Christopher’s business is tailored to meet the demands of discerning “to the trade” clientele. Through his “Custom Connect” program, Christopher is able to Skype directly with the artisans while rugs are being made to guarantee the design and fabrication process goes smoothly. He is a grass roots company with community outreach to support local business owners and charities such as Designs for Dignity, DIFFA and others.

Christopher Frederick resides in the design mecca of Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood with his wife Jaime and two adored children Brianna and

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