The Geometric Collection of Tibetan carpets features the rhythmic & infinite designs inspired by masonry patterns, textiles, woodwork & cobblestone. Besides a repeating pattern, these designs remind of us the security we feel in the sculptural & deliberate meter of a geometric repeat. Please select an icon below to view design tear sheet & product specs. We are happy to provide additional images & information upon request.

RaisedDots OLT-02 CheckmateSquares OLT-100 CheckmatesingleLoop OLT-101 CheckmateRectangles OLT-102 RoundAbout OLT-106
Gears OLT-107 Bricks OLT-108 Gate OLT-112 Block OLT-114 Labyrinth OLT-115
Dots OLT-116 Lux OLT-117 Stella OLT-118 CatsTail OLT-119 Dentils OLT-121
Only OLT-122 Rosa OLT-136 Bella OLT-143 Trellis OLT-146 Links OLT-160
Windowpane OLT-16 Bonsai OLT-191 Counsel OLT-192 Archives OLT-193 Manhattan OLT-20
Cobblestone OLT-34 Pueblo OLT-35 Expression OLT-37 Boxes OLT-41 TheWeb OLT-42
Coral Park OLT-50 Listen OLT-53 Mermaid2 OLT-74 Mermaid3 OLT-75 _Mermaid3 OLT-76
MesaVerde OLT-77 RaisedCircles OLT-81 Contempo OLT-93 CheckmateDoubleLoop OLT-99