Green Initiative

All Natural Fiber Carpets

Organic Looms is devoted to the creation of green, sustainable, environmentally friendly carpets.


All of our carpets are hand woven, requiring no machinery to be assembled. The fibers are combed and spun by hand and are made from all natural products that come from animal or plant fibers. Natural fibers are beneficial for the environment in that they are biodegradable, renewable, sustainable, non-allergenic, and naturally stain-resistant and air purifying.


Produced from sheep fleece, wool has been used in the making of carpets since ancient times. Himalayan wool is ideal in that it can be stretched without breaking. Just like human hair, wool grows back, making it possible for wool providers to shear their sheep during the summer, allowing the fleece to grow back in time to protect the sheep from colder temperatures during the winter months.


Wool carpets act as a natural air filter, trapping pollutants and keeping the indoor air fresh and free of contaminants; they are also excellent in discouraging bacterial growth in climates with high humidity.


Silks have been used in China, South Asia and Europe since early times. An all-natural protein fiber, silk is produced by silk worms, which can spin 300 to 1,600 yards of silk to create cocoons. The shimmering appearance for which silk is prized comes from the fibers’ triangular prism-like structure, which allows silk cloth to refract incoming light at different angles.


Sustainable Development
Sustainability also calls for the promotion of healthy cultures and people all over the world. Part of our sustainable mission is to engage with our agents, suppliers and most importantly, our weavers in Nepal and India. We take great pride in knowing first-hand that our weavers are treated fairly, are compensated for their work to the highest local standards and work under humane conditions. You will never find an Organic Looms carpet woven in a large-scale factory, sweatshop or by children.  In fact, most rugs woven in the home not at factory’s to provide ease, comfort and flexibility to the weaving community.


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