Cultural Tradition
Rug making is an ancient, customary craft.  All of our carpets are hand knotted with animal or plant fibers, combed and spun by hand. Natural fibers are beneficial for the environment and are biodegradable, renewable, sustainable, non-allergenic, and naturally stain-resistant and air purifying.


The Weaving Process
Weavers have been crafting carpets for centuries and the process has remained the same for hundreds of years. Raw fibers are washed & sorted, then spun into yarn and dyed. If the fibers are dyed, then standard chemical dyes are used to ensure colorfastness and an even color spread. However, there are some rugs that are left undyed in their natural state which are a perfect option for any client with a chemical sensitivity.

With the introduction of modern technology some aspects of the rug making processes have been taken over by machine, largely due to cost. Nevertheless, the finest carpets are those still made in the traditional way, by hand.

Our hand-knotted rugs are woven on a vertical loom by artisans. After the rug is completed, it is removed from the loom and clipped according to the buyer’s requests. It is then washed and dried outside in the sun before packaging and delivery to United States.

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